Air Force Vet’s single payer speech explodes at town hall meeting

It takes only one minute for this Air Force veteran to crush the anti-single payer dogma of her representative, Republican Congressman Tom Reed of Corning, NY, during a Town Hall meeting. Watch the video and pass it on.

Then take action! There are now 108 representatives signed on to HR 676, national single payer, improved Medicare for All—far more than ever before. The House is in recess from now through Monday, May 15 and again from Friday, May 26 through Monday, June 5. You should be able to see your representative in his/her home district during these times. Make an appointment for a visit; or attend a public meeting where he/she will be speaking; or go to a Town Hall meeting.

You can find representatives here by zip code:

You can check here to see if your representative is a cosponsor of HR 676:

Transcript of the Veteran’s speech at the Town Hall meeting

Vet: “I’m a Veteran of the US Air Force and I have single payer. It has saved my life four times. There is no profit in single payer. We have to get the profit and that is why you’re here. You’re talking about tax exemption and property tax relief. These are human beings. We have bodies, we have minds. We are not property taxes. That’s how you boil everything down into money. We are not money. We are a nation.”

Representative: “I appreciate your belief that you believe that the government can take care of this for all of us.”

Vet: “The government doesn’t take care of it, they just do the bookkeeping. The VA health care does the bookkeeping, just like insurers do. The insurers do bookkeeping for a profit—on your back, on your back, on your back. The VA does bookkeeping on mine, my behalf. I’m a veteran. Everybody here deserves single payer health care, now.”