AFL-CIO: Build on Medicare as Single Payer Model; Health Care Debate Video

AFL-CIO: Build on Medicare as Single Payer Model; Plus video of health care debate

On September 11, 2013, the AFL-CIO National Convention debated and passed two health care resolutions–both calling for a universal, single payer health care system. They are Resolution 15, Protecting and Expanding Medicare Benefits, and Resolution 54, the Affordable Care Act.

The video of the entire debate on health care at the convention:

Speakers and time frames in video:

On Resolution 15:

2:00 Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President 5:14 Kathleen Donahue, VP, New York State United Teachers

On Resolution 54:

08:33 Richard Trumka 11:00 Sean McGarvey, Pres., Building & Construction Trades Department 13:18 Lorretta Johnson, Sec. Treas., American Federation of Teachers 17:50 Terry O’Sullivan, Pres., Laborers International Union of North America 22:40 Ed Hill, Pres., International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 26:35 Greg Junemann, Pres., International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers 29:18 Bob Scardelletti, President, Transportation Communications Union/IAM 32:20 Joe Nigro, Pres., Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation 36:10 David Heindel, Pres., Seafarers International Union 39:06 Jennifer Drudge, United Steelworkers 42:15 D Taylor, Pres. UNITE HERE 46:00 Matt Schlobohm, Exec. Dir., Maine AFL-CIO 48:21 Nellie Caraballo, Lorain County CLC, OH, USW 51:28 Kathryn Donahue, Humboldt & Del Norte Counties CLC, California Nurses Association

Excerpts from Resolution 15, Protecting and Expanding Medicare Benefits

“Instead of cuts and cost shifting, we call for improvements to Medicare. Doing so is an essential prerequisite to establishing it as a model for a universal, single-payer system.”

“Instead of looking for ways to destroy Medicare, which has been a leader in improving our dysfunctional health care system, we must build on its experience as a single-payer program, demonstrating that single payer is the most cost-effective and equitable way to provide quality health care.”

The full Resolution 15 is here:

Resolution 54 on the Affordable Care Act is here:

New York Times article, September 13, 2013 Administration Rejects Union Pleas on Health Law