Wed. May 15: National Call-In Day for HR 676, Single Payer Health Care

The All Unions Committee for Single Payer Health Care—HR 676 is pleased to join with a number of progressive organizations and individuals to support a nationwide call-in day on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, to increase awareness and co-sponsors in Congress for HR 676.

The call-in day was initiated by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA).

Please take a moment on Wednesday, May 15th to make a call in support of Rep. John Conyers’ HR 676 “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All” bill which currently has 42 co-sponsors.

Go here to call your Congressperson:

More than 600 unions have endorsed HR 676. When we take action together, we can break down the corporate barriers that have prevented the democratic will of the people from bringing health care to everyone. Winning more cosponsors is a beginning.

For more information on Conyers’ bill, including cosponsors and text, go here

We must challenge Congress and the nation to move forward to single-payer health care, enhanced Medicare for All. That’s why we’re backing Representative John Conyers bill H.R. 676, that would establish a non-profit, universal, single-payer health care program, an improved “Medicare for All” act.

Please use this link to call your Congressperson:

PDA will also include HR 676 in its monthly letter-drop to Congress.

Details for the letter-drop are here:

Congressman John Conyers, Jr., is a member of the National Advisory Board of Progressive Democrats of America, PDA, and speaks highly of PDA:

“As the second-longest-serving Democrat in the House of Representatives, I know what I am talking about when I say that no one has worked harder on the issues protecting Social Security, fighting for a full employment economy and national health care both inside and outside the Democratic Party, than PDA.”

PDA and others are planning for more events in conjunction with the upcoming date of July 30th, the 48th anniversary of the passage of Medicare–our own publicly-financed, universal health care plan, which lifted a generation of seniors out of poverty.

Please ask your congressperson to cosponsor HR 676 by using this link:

Among the supporters of this national call-in day are:

Quentin Young, M.D. - Single Payer Activist Thom Hartmann - National TV and Radio Host / Best-Selling Author Jean Ross - National Nurses United (NNU) Mark Dudzic - Labor Campaign For Single Payer Robert Score - IATSE-Local 1 Willie Adams - International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Kay Tillow - All Unions Committee for Single Payer Health Care–HR 676 Tim Carpenter - Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Mimi Kennedy, Chair, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Donna Smith - Chair, Healthcare not Warfare Campaign Benjamin Day - Healthcare NOW! Ture Turnbull - MassCare Maria Svat - Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)