How Libby, Montana, got Medicare for All, part 2

While everyone is waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on the Affordable Care Act, Thursday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal brings attention to the only way to cover everyone at the least expense and still be constitutional–an Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.

Wall Street Journal, Thursday June 21, 2012, section A page 4 “Doug Roll, mayor of Libby, Mont., estimates that hundreds of residents in his small town were able to enroll in Medicare thanks to a provision added to the law that allowed certain victims of environmental health hazards onto the program before age 65. A now-defunct vermiculite mine near the town exposed residents to asbestos. After Mr. Obama signed the health overhaul in March 2010, federal officials quickly set up shop in Libby and began signing up residents for Medicare, Mr. Roll said. He signed up and said that switching from his private insurance cut his insurance costs by more than half. Mr. Roll can’t figure out whether he and other residents would immediately lose their Medicare coverage, or whether it would go away at all, if the court invalidates the law. A spokesman for Medicare declined to comment. “For the lower income, it would be devastating, because there is no other plan available,” Mr. Roll said.”

Check out the article that explains how Libby, Montana’s asbestos victims got Medicare for All through the Affordable Care Act.