Rally for HR 676 at UAW Convention, Sunday, June 13

Rally for HR 676 at UAW Convention, Sunday, June 13, 1 PM, Cobo Hall

Rally for National Health Care (HR 676) Sunday, June 13, 2010, at 1 PM At the UAW Convention at Cobo Hall Detroit, Michigan

Join Retirees for Single Payer Health Care as we welcome our delegates to the 35th UAW Constitutional Convention.

Important decisions will be made at this convention, including continuing our work for a National Health Care system. “National Health Care” or a “Single Payer system” means “Everybody In, Nobody Out, No Deductibles,” for health care services in America.

To achieve “Everybody in, Nobody Out, No Deductibles,” Congressman John Conyers, Jr. introduced HR 676 to the 108th Congress in 2003. Conyers has reintroduced his health care reform bill in every session of Congress since, including the present 111th. And he has vowed to do so as long as he is in the U. S. House of Representatives. 87 other U. S. Representatives are co-sponsors of the bill. He needs at least 200 co-sponsors.

Retirees for single Payer Health Care continues to work for Conyers’ HR 676 because it returns to our union members health care benefits lost, not covered by VEBA and covered by current legislation. By providing health care for “Everybody,” HR 676 would cover us. We are rallying in support of our Union’s long held goal of achieving a Single Payer system in America that leaves to one behind.

Please join us at this Rally.

Join us in support of National Health Care (HR 676).

Retirees for Single Payer Health Care

The above is a leaflet from Retirees for Single Payer Health Care. This gutsy organization of UAW retirees, centered in Detroit, has been meeting regularly at the UAW Local 22 Hall for over a year. They work to turn labor’s support for single payer into a movement strong enough to win.

They will share their leaflets and educational materials with you. Cassandra Ford is the Secretary, Randy Sandusky is the Chairman, and Al Gladyck is in charge of the communications. You can reach them at (313) 570-0899 or (313) 897-8850 or [email protected] or Retirees for Single Payer Health Care, UAW Local 22, 4300 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210. www.uaw22.org