Steelworkers and British Union Counter Lies About British Healthcare

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The United Steelworkers and the British union UNITE have set up a website to counter the lies being spread about the healthcare system in the United Kingdom and the National Health Service (NHS) which provides it.

Rabid right wingers and Republican office holders continue to spread outright lies about British healthcare in an effort to influence the debate in the U.S. over healthcare reform.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley has said that 77 year old Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy would not receive treatment for his brain cancer under the British system, and South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said the British NHS “does not allow” women under 25 to receive screening for cervical cancer.

These and other lies are directly answered on the website which also includes factual information about cradle to grave healthcare for all which is free.

The USW and UNITE officially merged over a year ago. The website can be seen at: