Plan Congressional Visits During Presidents' Day Recess

Congressman John Conyers re-introduced HR 676 into the 111th Congress on January 26th. The bill keeps the same number, HR 676, as it has since it was first introduced in 2003.

Action Alert: Because this is a new Congress, representatives who co-sponsored HR 676 in the 110th Congress need to sign on again. Plus we need to get many more. Please make an appointment to see your representative over the Presidents’ Day recess that begins Feb. 13 and lasts until Feb. 22. Representatives will be in their home districts, and we need to ask them to sign on to and speak up for HR 676—and, of course, to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act. Please make sure your representative has a copy of the HR 676 resolution passed by your union.

                  <strong>New HR 676 Improves Worker Protection</strong>

An important improvement in the latest version of HR 676 is the expansion of protection for workers in insurance companies, doctors’ offices, hospitals and other work sites who are displaced or whose jobs are eliminated due to reduced administration.

The new HR 676 guarantees to these workers, in addition to first priority in retraining and job placement in the new system, the right to benefits equal to their full current salary for up to two years while they make the transition. HR 676 will have a job creating impact, but the jobs created will not be the current type of billing and clerical jobs, nor jobs related to denying benefits.

HR 676 is a pro-worker bill which, for the first time, will guarantee that no worker, ever again, will lose their health coverage! At this link, you will find the 33 who have already signed on as co-sponsors of HR 676, including four newly elected Democrats (Massa, Polis, Pingree, Tonko).|/bss/d111query.html|

You can find a list of co-sponsors in the 110th Congress on our website here: