Jan. 15 Call In Day for HR 676: What Better Way to Honor Dr. King

Jan. 15 Call In Day for HR 676: What Better Way to Honor Dr. King

“Of all forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Born January 15, 1929–Assassinated April 4, 1968, while leading a strike for union and human rights for Memphis sanitation workers.

The famous quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is worth keeping in mind on Thursday, January 15, as you call your congressperson and ask him or her to sign on as a co-sponsor of HR 676, Congressman John Conyers’ (D-MI) single payer healthcare legislation. HR 676 will shortly be reintroduced into the 111th Congress with the same number.

Eighty-six members of the new 111th Congress were co-sponsors of HR 676 in the last Congress. Now is the time to call them and urge them to sign on again as co-sponsors in the 111th Congress and to ask all the others, including the newly elected representatives, to do likewise.

A number organizations advocating HR 676 are asking supporters to call their congressperson on Thursday, January 15th. All of us acting on the same day will magnify the impact. Please take a moment to call the US Capitol switchboard: (202) 224 3121. Then ask for your representative.

If you need to look up your or someone else’s Congressperson, you can go to http://votesmart.org/ and put in the zip code.

If you have two more minutes, please call one or both or your senators to urge them to introduce in the Senate a companion bill to HR 676. You can use the same number: (202) 224 3121.

We’d love to hear from you about the response you received. Please write us at [email protected]