Child Care Providers and Letter Carriers Endorse HR 676

Local unions in AFSCME and the NALC have endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

In Iowa, AFSCME statewide Local 1212 Child Care Providers endorsed HR 676, reports Larraine Murray, Health Insurance Committee Chair.

Murray said the newly organized local “…jumped at the chance to endorsed HR 676 the minute we read the bill. Seventy percent of Iowa’s working families depend on this ‘critical need service’ that we provide. Forty percent of Iowa’s child care providers are uninsured. The other providers depend on spouses to cover them or pay high out of pocket insurance premiums. Iowa’s childcare providers on an average make $14,500. Most of us rely on a faith based health system, ‘We pray to God ever day that we don’t become ill.’ Besides, health care should be a right not a privilege.”

In Ukiah, California, Terry Poplawski, President of NALC Branch 1563, reports that his local has also endorsed the Conyers bill. Poplawski said: “We know even those of us who have health insurance through Federal Employees’ program stand to benefit from a single payer system that would cover all residents of this land.”