New York State AFL-CIO Endorses HR 676

New York City, NY. On August 18th, the 31st Constitutional Convention of the New York State AFL-CIO unanimously endorsed HR 676 and called upon the national AFL-CIO to support the single payer legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). The 2.5 million member NY State AFL-CIO is the 37th state federation to endorse HR 676.

Resolution 2, “Single Payer Healthcare–Expanded and Improved Medicare For All (HR 676),” came to the floor of the convention with the recommendation of the state federation’s Executive Board. The Board combined four pro HR 676 resolutions that had been submitted by IATSE Local One; Capital District Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO; United University Professions/AFT; and AFSCME Local 154/DC 37.

Delegates from the Capital District Area Labor Federation distributed to all convention delegates a four page brochure supporting their resolution. The brochure was prepared by Troy Area Labor Council President Mike Keenan. It quotes the March, 2007, national AFL-CIO Executive Council statement citing Medicare as “One concrete plan that meets the test of comprehensive, universal health coverage….” The brochure also includes a list of “Ten Problems with the Private Health Insurance System.”

Robert Score, Recording-Corresponding Secretary of IATSE Local One, who was instrumental in organizing for the passage of Resolution 2, said in an August 19 letter to his membership: “We now look forward to the endorsement from the NYC Central Labor Council and the New York City Council.” Score has been in touch with City Council President Christine Quinn.

In July Score worked with IATSE’s International President who wrote to Denis Hughes, President of the NYS AFL-CIO, urging support for “…any Resolution before them to endorse HR 676.” The letter states:

“Only a streamlined efficient and universally accessible system that puts the basic needs and health of American families before the interests of corporations will suffice. The fundamental liberties and protections that we as Americans are entitled to, are simply unrealized in the absence of real universal healthcare.”

Copies of the NYS AFL-CIO Resolution and the Capital District ALF brochure are available at: