York and Syracuse Labor Councils Endorse HR 676

Two central labor councils, in New York and Pennsylvania, have endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

In York, Pennsylvania, the York-Adams County Central Labor Council has endorsed HR 676, reports Council President Clark Ruppert of IAMAW #1403. Ruppert said: “Delegates have approved the resolution supporting a single payer health care plan for all Americans because they have all seen that the current health care coverage is not affordable and is not working for the American workers, and it is not working for our employers either. It is one more unfair burden on the worker and the employers who are competing with foreign business.”

In Syracuse, New York, Dr. Dennis Nave reports that the Greater Syracuse Labor Council has also endorsed the Conyers legislation. Nave, a member of the Teamsters union, is the only medical doctor to lead a central labor body. Dr. Nave said the Council’s resolution emphasized “…affordable, accessible healthcare as a right and not a privilege. Our nation’s greatest asset is our working families.” The Greater Syracuse Labor Council represents 40,000 working families in Central New York.

One hundred and twelve Central labor Councils and Area Labor Federations have now endorsed HR 676.