New Jersey AFL-CIO and UMWA's Cecil Roberts Endorse Single Payer

United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) President Cecil Roberts was the keynote speaker at the most recent State Convention of the Kentucky AFL-CIO. You can hear Roberts’ remarks in support of single payer healthcare at:

(video courtesy of Bill Londrigan, President, Kentucky AFL-CIO).

Meeting in June in Atlantic City, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Convention passed a resolution, submitted by the NJ State AFL-CIO Retirees Committee, which notes the features of Congressman John Conyers’ single payer health care bill, HR 676.

The adopted resolution, entitled Universal, Single Payer Health Care Coverage, resolves: “that the New Jersey State AFL-CIO supports Single Payer Healthcare Coverage and will lobby all labor endorsed candidates for national office to work for this important issue.”

A copy of the complete resolution is available from Paula Friedman, Chair of the Bergen County Central Trades & Labor Council AFL-CIO Retirees Committee [email protected]