SEIU Convention Endorses HR 676

San Juan, Puerto Rico. The recent SEIU convention went on record in support of HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). The SEIU is the thirteenth international union to endorse HR 676.

Local 1199Healthcare Workers East and SEIU Local 1021, in California, had each submitted a resolution to the convention calling for support for HR 676. Convention Resolution 105B, which combined all resolutions on healthcare, was adopted by the convention.

SEIU locals that have previously endorsed HR 676 include United Healthcare Workers West, Chicago Local 73, Pennsylvania Local 668, Local 1199Healthcare Workers East, 32 BJ SEIU in Baltimore, the New York State Public Employees Federation (affiliated both with AFT and SEIU), Pittsburgh Local 3, and District 1199P in Pennsylvania.

Other international unions that have endorsed HR 676 are UAW, NEA, ILWU, NALC, IAM, Plumbers & Pipefitters (UA), Musicians (AFM), UE, CNA/NNOC, SMWIA, IFPTE & OPEIU.