Four AFT affiliates Endorse HR 676

Four more affiliates of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), including two statewide affiliates, have endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

In North Carolina, the State Federation of the AFT has endorsed HR 676, reports Dianne Jackson, President AFT/NC, and a media specialist at Glenwood Elementary School.

In Austin, Texas AFT Local 6249, which represents full and part time faculty and classified and professional/technical employees at Austin Community College, has also endorsed the Conyers legislation.

Cleabum Zwememenn and Dan Dewberry, who are President and Treasurer of the local said of the endorsement, “We have been fighting for health insurance for the adjunct faculty for years. We believe that health insurance is a moral imperative and the future of this country could hinge on access to health care.”

In Indianapolis, Indiana, the State Federation of Teachers/AFT has endorsed HR 676, reports Executive Director, Sally J. Sloan.

In Daly City, California, AFT Local 3267, Jefferson Elementary Federation of Teachers, endorsed HR 676, reports Melinda Dart President of the 300 member local union.

Dart said: “We have had one 3 per cent raise in six years. In addition, many of our members pay out of pocket for health care. They have effectively taken a pay cut as health care costs escalate. We are at the mercy of our insurance companies and HMO’s which reveal their higher rates every summer. We desperately need a bill like HR 676 to succeed.”