Philadelphia AFL-CIO Endorses HR 676

Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO has endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). This is the one hundred and fourth central labor council to endorse the Conyers legislation.

Pat Eiding, who before becoming Council President was Business Manager of Asbestos Workers & Insulators Local 14, said after the vote:

“47 million uninsured people in America is an embarrassment. We need to find a better way to do health care in this country. HR 676 would provide coverage to all Americans without shifting the burden onto individuals – which is a key element in any reform effort.”

The Philadelphia Council represents over 150,000 union members in the nation’s 6th largest city and has over 100 affiliated local unions in the private, public, building and transportation sectors. The endorsement resolution was introduced by Jim Savage, president of USW Local 10-1 and a vice president of the Philadelphia Council.