Kansas AFL-CIO Convention Endorses HR 676

Topeka, KS Delegates to the Kansas AFL-CIO state convention have voted to endorse HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI). The state federation, which voted November 16th, is the 28th state AFL-CIO to endorse HR 676. The Kansas AFL-CIO represents 90,000 active and retired union members in over 300 affiliates.

“The Kansas AFL-CIO will do everything possible to help move this nation forward,” said Wil Leiker, Executive Vice-President of the state federation, after the resolution was passed. Speaking further of the HR 676 endorsement, Leiker said:

“It again falls on the shoulders of organized labor to lead the way to make this a better country and world for all people. Most union brothers and sisters have health insurance, but we must be ever mindful of the less fortunate and provide for them and their families. It is unacceptable that people, especially children, are denied health care in this country at anytime, but now more than ever when we have money as a nation to spend billions of dollars on a war which seems to have no end. We as a nation cannot continue down this path of the haves and the have-nots when it comes to health care insurance, which means health care accessibility.”