California AFSCME Council 36 Endorses HR 676

Los Angeles, CA.

The 20th Biennial Convention of AFSCME California District Council 36 endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-Mich).

Resolution #4, which passed unanimously, was submitted by the Council 36 Committee for Universal Health Care and was forwarded to AFSCME’s international office and to those congresspersons who represent Council 36 members.

Lenny Potash, Coordinator for the Council 36 Committee for Universal Health Care, said after the resolution passed: “While most of our members have a decent health care package, some of our part-time members who do not meet the hours eligibility threshold lack coverage altogether.

“For many of our locals, maintaining full healthcare benefits and employer contributions in the face of rising premiums is the major challenge in contract negotiations. In one local this year, health benefit premiums went up 28 per cent. Understanding that the health care system is broken and must be replaced with a single-payer system, the Council has set up a Committee for Universal Health Care which meets monthly to educate and involve all the locals and their members in this campaign.”

AFSCME Council 36 represents 20,000 union members and 6,000 retirees in 42 local unions in southern California including Los Angeles city clerical employees. The retiree chapter of Council 36 had earlier endorsed HR 676.