Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) Reaffirms Endorsement of HR 676

Washington, D. C. The Board of Directors of the nationwide Alliance for Retired Americans has reaffirmed its endorsement of HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

George Kourpias, ARA president and former president of the Machinists’ Union, reported the action of the Board to the 602 delegates at the ARA’s National Legislative Conference held here Sept 4-6th.

The motion to reaffirm the endorsement of HR 676 was made by Tony Fransetta, a member of the ARA Board of Directors and president of the Florida state ARA. Florida’s ARA along with state ARA’s in Oregon and Washington had previously endorsed HR 676. The Texas state ARA has also passed a resolution endorsing single payer healthcare like that contained in HR 676.

The ARA, which is allied with the AFL-CIO, has 4 million members in over 1,000 chapters and 27 state organizations.