Arizona AFL-CIO 23rd State Federation to Endorse HR 676

The 51st Biennial Convention of the Arizona AFL-CIO “proudly announced” its support for HR 676, single payer health care legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

Following the vote to endorse, Rebekah Friend, Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer of the state federation, said, “Our country is in a health care crisis, and we must take a bold step in embracing comprehensive health care and fight for ‘Expanding and Improving Medicare for All.’ Union members are in the front line of the health care crisis, and we will work with Congress to make health care a fundamental right for every American. No family should have to decide what to do when faced with a medical crisis, we all have heard the horror stories, it is time we demand health care for all.”

The Arizona state federation is the twenty-third state AFL-CIO to endorse the Conyers legislation. The Arizona AFL-CIO represents over 149,000 active and retired union members. The resolution endorsing HR 676 was submitted to the convention by the Executive Board of the Arizona AFL-CIO.