First CLC in Montana and Wisconsin CLC Endorse HR 676

The Washington County Central Labor Council in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, became the 78th central labor council to endorse HR 676, legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) to create a single payer healthcare system in the U.S.

Leslie Troedel, WCCLC Recording Secretary, stated that nearly 50 million Americans without health insurance “has become a grave concern in America.” Troedel said, “By lowering administrative costs and insuring all Americans from cradle to grave, HR 676 offers a level playing field to all employers and is the positive solution to the nation’s growing problems.”

In Helena, Montana, The Big Sky Central Labor Council became the 79th council and the first council in Montana to endorse HR 676. Council President Sandi Curriero said of her Council’s endorsement, “…we understand that a system that recognizes the basic right of all people to access quality healthcare is a system we can be proud of.”