Other HR 676 Endorsements

Endorsers of HR 676: Cities, counties, states

1.Erie, PA (Word Document)
2.Baltimore, MD (Word Document)
3.Morehead, KY (Word Document)
4.Warren County, TN (Word Document)
5.Wilmington, DE
6.University City, MO
7.Lorain, OH (Word Document)
8.Oberlin, OH
9.Lorain County, OH (PDF Document)
10.Louisville, KY (PDF Document)
11.Santa Cruz, CA
12.Tuskeegee, AL (Word Document)
13.West Hollywood, CA
14.Ithaca, NY (Word Document)
15.Wilkinsburg, PA (Word Document)
16.Cortland County Legislature, NY
17.Bloomington, IN (Word Document)
18.Kentucky House of Representatives (Word Document)
19.City-County Council of the City of Indianapolis and of Marion County, IN (Word Document)
20.City Council of Camden, NJ
21.Alachua County Board of Commissioners, Gainesville, FL
22.Boyle County, Danville, KY (PDF Document)
23.New Hampshire House of Representatives (Word Document) Web page
24.Allegheny County Council, Pittsburgh, PA (PDF Document)
25.Rensselaer County Legislature, NY (PDF Document)
26.City Council, City of Chicago, IL
27.Board of Beaver County Commissioners, Western PA
28. Bergen County Bd. of Freeholders, NJ (PDF Document)Web page
29.Hudson County Bd. of Freeholders, NJ
30.New York State Assembly (Word Document)
31.Hamtramck City Council, MI (Word Document)
32.Flint City Council, MI
33.Detroit City Council, MI
34.San Francisco City Council, CA
35.Wayne County, Detroit, MI (PDF Document)
36.Albany County Legislature, NY
37.New Albany, IN News article
38.Philadelphia City Council, PA News article
39.Seattle City Council, WA (Web page)
40.Borough of Ambridge, PA (PDF Document)
41.State of Maine Legislature, House & Senate (Web page)  News Article
42.Santa Monica, CA City Council(Video)
43. Saratoga Springs, NY City Council (Word Document)
44.New York State Senate Albany, NY (Web page)
45.City of Aliquippa, PA (PDF Document)
46.City of Northampton, MA (PDF Document)
47.City of Springfield, MA (PDF Document)
48.Village of Greenwich, New York (PDF Document)
49.Troy City Council, Troy, NY (PDF Document)
50.South Heights Borough, Beaver County, PA (PDF Document)
51.City Council, Portland, OR (PDF Document)
52.Fort Lee, New Jersey
53.Englewood, New Jersey (PDF Document)
54.Teaneck, New Jersey (PDF Document)
55.Vicco, Kentucky (JPG image)
56.Thomson, IL