Libby Medicare for Flint

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There is a precedent for expanding Medicare to a region suffering from a public health disaster.

Montana Senator Max Baucus tucked into the Affordable Care Act a special section that expands Medicare to the people of Libby and the surrounding area who were poisoned by W. R. Grace's deadly mine causing mesothelioma and asbestos-related disease.

Shouldn't the people of Flint, all of them not just the children, have Medicare also for life? We must do much more, but, at least, we can start here.

Below are two stories on this topic. All of the supporting data appears in the bottom link of each story. (For instance, here's the Libby link on the social security website.)

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How Libby, Montana, Got Medicare for All

By Kay Tillow

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In 2009 when the Washington beltway was tied up with the health care reform tussle, Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus, chairman of the all powerful Senate Finance Committee, said everything was on the table--except for single payer. When doctors, nurses and others rose in his hearing to insist that single payer be included in the debate, Baucus had them arrested. As more stood up, Baucus could be heard on his open microphone saying, "We need more police."

Yet when Senator Baucus needed a solution to a catastrophic health disaster in Libby, Montana, and surrounding Lincoln County, he turned to the nation's single payer healthcare system, Medicare, to solve the problem.

Discretionary Deeming: How Libby Montana got Improved Medicare—with free drugs

By Kay Tillow
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Buried deep in the health reform law is Section 10323. It amends the Social Security Act to extend Medicare coverage to individuals exposed to environmental health hazards in the region defined by the Emergency Declaration of June 17, 2009. That declaration limits this benefit to the area around Libby, Montana.…